Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tween Girl Room

 I mentioned last week when I shared my before and after pictures of the kitchen island here that I spent part of the summer painting and decorating the kids rooms.  I want to show you the first one.  My oldest is a tween, as much as I don't want to admit it, so I had to try and think of something that she could grow with in the next few years into being a teenager.  This is what her and I came up with.

To start out with the walls were all white. This is the first time that we have bought a house so we have been having fun with painting and not having to worry about changing it or getting permission from the landlord (I never painted any of our old places for these reasons).  My daughter loves pink so we went that direction. 

First thing I did was paint the entire room light pink.  She is still using the quilt that I made her here.
She is also a huge Harry Potter fan so she also had to hang her banner.  

On the big main wall on the other side of the room, I cut out a whole bunch of little circles using my Cricut with gold vinyl.

She thinks this wall is so cool!!

The last thing is the corner with the desk and chair.  That desk has been handed around between my aunts and then to me and then to my sisters, it has been sitting in my parents basement not getting used.  They brought it over for us.  

It needed a little love before I could put it in her room.  I had put wall paper flowers on the desk when I used it forever ago, I had to remove those and give it a new coat of paint. Also it used to have gold accents then I painted it when I did the flowers, covering the accents.  I brought the gold accents back with some gold paint and it was set to go.

The chair was a bit more work, it was one of our old kitchen table chairs, so it was wood stained and the back and legs were black.  The seat I painted white with chalk paint and the back and legs I spray painted with gold paint. 

I put them in her room and it was finished!!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Boy Birthday Party

 Let me tell you right now, I am not one to do birthday parties.  True most of the time when it comes to the kids birthdays I'm either pregnant (like 8-9months along), we are in the process of packing up the house or we just live in an area that we really don't know that many kids their age.  Whatever the reason I decided I should give my oldest son a party he hadn't had one before and he was turning 7.  This kid LOVES  Captain America so we went that direction.  I wish that I had gotten more pictures but it was just me so when you are in charge its hard getting the pictures as well.  :)

I made this Captain America shield cake for him.  He thought it was the coolest thing. 

Building this pinata I used old cereal boxes and cut out two circles and then cut out a wide strip that went all the way around the circles and taped it together.  I will create a tutorial soon on the entire process.  I decorated this pinata using the same process that I described here

I bought superhero masks for the boys to wear and made a giant shield where the kids played pin on the star. 

It was a hit with the boys.  I didn't do much else after playing the game and breaking open the pinata. I just let them all play with each other and have.  My son thanked me later so I'll mark it a success. :)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Antique Piano Repurposing Part 3- Angel Ornaments

I have a few more projects to share with you and this piano.  Here is another one I was hoping to get it up last month but the month just away from me.

I used some of the hammers from the piano to make these beautiful ornaments. I made tons of them, I also gave one to each of my piano students as their Christmas gift.  Check them out :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Kitchen island

We moved into a brand new house just short of a year ago.  I was doing some painting in the kids' rooms this past summer, and this just kind of happened one night while doing them.  The walls around the island were really bugging me it didn't seem to flow with the rest of the kitchen, also the kids kept trying to scale the walls while holding onto the counter and the white was showing all their footprints.  I had black paint from my project in the boy's room so the island got an update as well.

 Here is the island before we moved in. It really didn't seem to sit right with the white paint.

Here is After! I love it so much, the braces/brackets for the the counter top don't stand out now and I no longer see dirty footprints. Double win!