Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinatas!! Part 1: The making of

My son's birthday is on Cinco de Mayo so we had to make a pinata for him.  Somehow we ended up with two of them made ;)  The process is really easy.  First of all use a balloon as your frame.

Then make a  mixture of water and flour to make a watery paste.  My husband did this part and he didn't specifically measure out the flour and water.

Using torn up pieces of newspaper; dip the newspaper in the paste and wipe off any excess paste then lay it on the balloon overlapping the pieces.  Continue until the balloon is covered.

Then allow it to dry overnight and repeat creating a second layer.  We did two layers and it was perfect.  When it is completely dry you can pop the balloon and cut a hole in the bottom of the pinata to get the balloon out and fill it with goodies.


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