Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinatas!!! Part 2: The Decorating of

Here is a shot of one of the pinatas that we made as it is getting hit.  

Now that we have made the pinata forms it is time to decorate!!  It wasn't really hard just a little time consuming.

First I cut tissue paper into big wide strips.  I wanted to cover the newspaper a little bit so it didn't show through.  I found that painting the glue on was much easier and I could cover more space with less glue.

When I put a new piece of tissue paper on I over lapped it then put glue on it soaking it through so it would stick.  

Next I made tons of long strips of fringe.   This one was smaller then I quickly started making them long so I didn't have to glue as many on.

I then folded the fringe so then fringe part would stick out like the store bought ones.

I glued the strip to the pinata the same way at the covering layer.  Be careful that you don't get it too wet because it will start to make the form get soft then you have to be really careful putting the fringe on.

I continued the process until half of the form was covered.  I let this sit overnight and continued the same way on the other side.

Here is the completed pinata!!!!

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  1. A baseball pinata - how clever! I love it!
    I'd love for you to share it at my new link party:

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