Friday, June 28, 2013

Waterfall pictures

My husband gave me a new camera for Christmas and I have been playing with it.  Here are some shots that I got when my dad was visiting and was fishing with the kids under this waterfall.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Matching Sister Dresses!! From one shirt and a yard of Fabric

 I'm so excited about this project.  My daughters are 5 1/2 years apart and I wanted them to have matching dresses for awhile.  I had been looking and couldn't find any since they are so different in sizes.  I decided to make them myself.  I used a t-shirt from the dollar store and a yard of fabric.

To do the top part of the dresses I used the same method as here.  For the baby one I did the same idea but had to cut a neckline and sleeves.

 When I sewed the sleeves onto the shirt part of the dress I laid out the fabric I had decided the length I wanted it (I did 22") and cut across the entire width of the fabric and then cut down the fold as well creating to parts.

I basted the top of the fabric width wise to create a ruffle effect and made it fit to the width of the shirt part, I pinned it to the shirt and sewed it on.  I repeated the process for the back of the dress.  I then sewed the sides together for the dress going from the edge of the sleeves clear down to the bottom of the skirt.  Then all I had to do was hem it.

I did add a little bit of the flowers to the top of the dress for my older daughter and added a bit of a scrunch in the front of the baby's dress.  Otherwise the process was pretty much the same.  Instead of hemming the sleeves and the neckline for the baby's dress I added a binding.

Somewhat Simple

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Monday, June 24, 2013

4th of July tag

Here is a 4th of July tag that I made from a wood kit that I bought.  I added red, white and blue twine to hold it up.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Monkey Jammies

My son loves monkey's.  I found this fabric at the store and thought it would be tons of fun for him.  For the shirt I just took a plain white t-shirt and cut out the monkey's and some bananas then sewed them onto the shirt.  The pants took a little bit more work but it was simple to do.

I took a pair of jammie pants that fits him now and used that as my guide.  I folded the pants in half and using the folded side I cut the fabric about an inch bigger then the actual pant leg to account for seam allowances.  At the waist line you want to cut the fabric about 3 inches bigger.  I didn't do that and later realized that I should have.  Then using the piece that I just cut out as a guide, I cut a second piece on the fold.

With the right sides together on one piece, I sewed along the longest part of the until it changed directions.  I repeated it with the second piece.  I'm sorry I forgot to take pictures of the next steps.

I turned one of the pieces right side out then stuck that piece inside of the other piece matching the seams together.  That creates a U shape and I sewed the U together.  I did a reinforcement stitch on that seam.  Now your two pant legs are sewn together,  then I finished off the hem on the legs, and put the elastic in at the waist.

Then they are done!!!

Somewhat Simple

More the Merrier Monday

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sprinkler waterfall

I saw this idea here and ended up doing the exact same thing.  I showed the picture to my husband a couple of months ago as a fun idea for this summer.  Suddenly this past weekend my husband came upstairs from studying took the two oldest kids to Lowes and came back with the materials and put this together.  The kids have had a blast everyday since in it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Circle Braid

I was feeling venturous and had an idea to try a braid continuous around in circles until it came to the middle then had a braided ponytail out of the middle.  Here are the results: