Thursday, April 7, 2011

Teepee Covers and a giveaway!!

So I saw something really similar to these over at Make It and Love It.  I made mine a little different from hers.  They are suppose to prevent any rainbows that little boys can make when you are changing their diapers.  I found this fabric on sale and used a hand towel for the other side figuring that it would be the most absorbent as well as it was what I had at home.

I traced 6 circles on the printed fabric then cut them out and pinned them on the towel and cut them out again with the towel.

After cutting them out then I cut all of the circles in half.

Warning- using the towel also created a lot of fuzz when cutting and handling it.
I sewed the fabric together with the wrong sides together.  On the flat side I left a hole so I could flip turn it inside out.

Around the curve I made snips being careful not to cut the thread.

I cut as close as I dared to the thread to create less bulk when I flipped it.  Then I flipped the cover and folded it in half with the printed fabric on the inside.  I sewed along the straight edge making sure that I sewed up the hole that I had left open.  I then flipped the whole thing so the towel was now in the inside and it was in a cone shape.

While making these I made an extra set to share with one of YOU!!!  

The rules for the giveaway

1. Be a follower of One Hot Crafty-Mama (1 entry)
2. Share the news about the giveaway on your blog, or Facebook or tweet about it. (1 entry)

Leave me a separate comment for each one that you have done.  The giveaway will end April 11 at 10pm Eastern time.

The giveaway is now closed.


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