Thursday, April 28, 2011

Music Flash Cards

My daughter is learning how to play the piano.  Right now I'm the one teaching her (its not ideal but its what we are doing right now).  I made these flash cards for her with index cards.  A three pack at Walmart was $1.88 and I didn't even completely use one pack.  I did everything that she knew up to now.  With the actual notes, there are four cards of each note, but the note values are all different for the four cards.  I want her to be able to recognize the same note but in the different ways it is written.  I was able to have these done in about 30 minutes.


Somewhat Simple

Iron Violet Designs


  1. Looks great! And wonderful initiative making flash cards!

    As a musician and music educator, I appreciate your efforts to pass on music to your daughter.


  2. Visiting through the Not So Moody Monday blog hop. (I was already following from another pass.)

    I love this idea and might just do it for my boys who are learning piano now. Far more economical than buying ready made ones :o)


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