Monday, April 4, 2011

Kids Bedroom Redo

A couple of weeks ago my husband was on spring break and with me being 32 weeks pregnant we really couldn't go anywhere really far, so we decided that we will get the kids bedroom completely ready for this little one to come.  This picture is of what we started with on my daughter's side of the room, she had fun playing early in the day.  :)  The first thing we did was deep cleaned the whole room, we went through her toys and pulled out ones that she didn't play with anymore as well as clothes that are too small.

Aww much better :)  While we were cleaning the blinds in one of the windows fell and broke.  I was okay with it because I have had planned for a long time to make some curtains for the room.  I also have realized that this room is the brightest in the entire apartment so I need to also make sure that the curtains cut out a lot of light during the day so the baby could sleep.  I found this fabric:

I decided that it had both girl and boy qualities.  I also bought a panel that was on clearance that cuts out sun.  Then I went to work and made these:

My daughter loves them, and now I want to make her a quilt for her bed that has purple and green in it.  Her favorite color right now is purple as well and green is kind of the color that I'm trying to make happen in both the boy and girl side of the room.

Once again the before.

And after.  More parts of the room redo is coming soon.




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  1. Hello! I discovered your blog from Savvy Southern Style.
    Organizing and tidying up a room really makes a big difference. I love the new curtains. The combination of green, purple and pink is so refreshing. I hope we could develop a connection by following each others blogs. I wish you more happiness!

  2. very very pretty!! So organised.. Love those curtains.. gorgeous! Do visit Colours Dekor..


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