Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A St. Patrick's Day Decoration made by your kids

My daughter had a blast making this and I was able to get another decoration for St. Patty's day!! We only needed three things a picture of a shamrock, dried split peas and white glue.

When I told my daughter to stick her finger in the glue and spread it around inside the lines she looked at me like she didn't hear me right. Then she jumped right in!!

After the glue was spread out we just poured a whole bunch of peas on the paper, I didn't care what it looked like I just wanted everything covered.

Once it was covered we left it to dry for awhile, and did another craft.

After it was dried I just knocked off all of the peas that didn't stick and now we have our shamrock shape. I need to get a frame to put it in then I can hang it up.


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