Thursday, March 3, 2011

"I'm so LUCKY to have you" door

I'm continuing with my St. Patrick's day ideas. Using hearts and a triangle I was able to make a few four leaf clovers and create a cute little thing on the door. My daughter made her own and put them on her door, she thinks that it is so much fun to be able to tape things on her door.

I started with tracing enough hearts to make three four leaf clovers. Hopefully the lines aren't too hard to see, I traced with a pencil and realized that I should have done a pen so they showed up better in the picture.

I choose to use hearts, my daughter wanted to use circles here she is cutting hers out. :)

I used a piece of paper just to give it more of an anchor on the back of the shamrocks.
Then I put this up on our door as a little surprise for my husband when he came home from studying hard all day at school.

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  1. So cute! Kind of like Heart Attacks at Valentines, but shamrocks instead! You are a wonderful momma! And I love that you do sweet surprises for your Happy Hubby! It's the little things! :-)


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