Friday, March 11, 2011

Bumper Cover

I am beyond super excited how this turned out!!! I found this fabric on clearance at Joann's and fell in love with it, so I bought the rest of the bolt it ended up being about 2 1/2 yds, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it but I knew that I would think of something, this is what I thought of!!

Our first child was a daughter and EVERYTHING that she had when she was a baby was either pink or purple. It was all gifts, so I'm VERY VERY grateful for it don't get me wrong. But when we found out that this baby is a boy, I was kind of in a spot of now I need everything for a boy and nothing we have is neutral. I have been looking at bedding for the crib online and have been shocked how much stuff is. That is when I decided that I can make a cover for the bumper that we already have, using the pink bumper as my guide I made what I think is a pretty cool cover.
I was able to cut on the fold and get twice as much length out of the fabric then before and it was the perfect width.
I then cut 2 1/2" strips of fabric to make ties with.

Everything was made into tubes, the actually cover was easy to flip with the right side out. The ties were a little harder, but I have found that using a pencil helps it out a lot.

Again using the bumper as a model I measure the distance between ties and sewed them the same distance apart on the cover.

On one end I added Velcro so I could easily remove it if I need to.



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