Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Diaper and Wipe Carrying Pouch

I decided that I wanted a pouch that contained the diapers and wipes that I carry in the diaper bag so I can easily grab it and not have to dig around in the bag. So I made up this pouch more on the spur of the moment the other night. So again I apologize for some of the dark pictures, the house really doesn't have the best lighting.

On the fold I cut two pieces that were 8 1/2" x 11" with the fold going to be the bottom of the pouch. Then I cut out a 1" x 1" square on each bottom corner. If I were going to do this again I would make it 7 1/2" wide instead.

Then taking one of the pieces put the right sides together and sewed the sides together.

Then in the spot where I cut out the corner I brought the seam from the side to match the fold and then sewed it together. I repeated this for the other corner, then repeated the whole thing for the other piece. So now I have two "pouches."

I cut out a semi circle on the fold that was 8 1/2" x 3 1/2" (again if I were to make it again I would only have it 7 1/2" wide) then cut down the fold creating two pieces. I sewed the two semi circles together with the right sides together leaving the straight side open, then turned it outside out and topstitched the curve.

Now going back to the two pouches I flipped one so the right side was out then put it inside the other one, so the right sides are together, matching seams I pinned the pouches together.

When I was done pinning one side of the pouch I took my semi circle piece and stuck it in between the pouches and continued lining up the edges and pinning it together. I then went around the edge leaving a hole so I could turn it the right way.

I then pushed the fabric through the hole and topstitched around the opening of the pouch, while I did that I made sure that the hole was sewed shut.

I then added velco to the flap and the body of the pouch to make it more secure.

I was going to put some diapers in it for the picture and then realized that I don't have any diapers yet :) its on the list of things to get before the baby comes.




  1. How cute, I love the fabric you chose! I am your newest follower! I have a fun giveaway going on at my blog, come check it out!

  2. Love your clutch... Would love for you to link it to our Sweet Links Party! Smiles~ Noelle


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