Friday, September 2, 2011

Preserving the harvest: Dried Peaches

Another thing that we did with the peaches was we dried some in our food dehydrator.  Peel the peaches and then slice them as evenly as you can.  Then lay the peaches out on the trays so they are close together but not overlapping.  This is a great activity for kids to do, my daughter did about three out of the four trays.

Then when your trays are filled start your dehydrator and set the temp for 135degrees F.  Then let them dry all day, about half way through the day I rotated the trays so they were able to evenly get dried.  The peaches will probably darken as they dry.  Allow them to dry until they are at your desired dryness.  I pulled them off when they were still soft but not sticky anymore.  

These ones are going to go into our 72 hour kits.

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