Monday, September 26, 2011

Leaves for your Window

This is similar to something that my daughter and I did in the spring with crayons.  These are fun to look at and creates some cool shadows to look at as well.

First thing we did was go outside and find some "cool" leafs.  Then collected the rest of the supplies that we needed which were:

Turn your iron on a low setting and allow it to warm up while you design how you want your leaves to look on the wax paper.

This was my daughter's favorite part she can't wait to do more when we find some other colored leaves.  Lay your leaves on half of the wax paper.

Then fold your wax paper over creating a "sandwich" around the leaves.

Then put the wax paper between some paper,  I like using that brown paper that comes in some packages.  Then run the iron over it for about 30 sec and then check to see if the wax paper is sealing together,  keep rubbing and checking until its sealed together it might take a little bit depending on how warm your iron is.

This is what it looks like when it is sealed.

Then hang in your windows to enjoy the different colors in your window.

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