Saturday, February 19, 2011

Organizing the Kitchen Cupboard and Shelves

It seems that this winter every Saturday I go through a cleaning/organizing frenzy. Part of it is probably that I have been home most of the week and it starts to drive me crazy, another part is I'm going through a nesting phase. Today I tackled our kitchen cupboard and shelves. We live in a decent apartment but the kitchen is really small, We have one bigger cupboard that my food goes in as well as some small ones that are up high where I really can't reach. When we moved in we bought a set of plastic shelves so we could have some more storage space, so we have food stored there as well. Every thing was looking and feeling chaotic we had to dig around for everything that we needed and it was always in a different spot. This morning after we went grocery shopping and as I was putting food away I finally had it. I took everything out of the cupboard and off of the shelves and reorganized things around. Now I love my cupboard and keep opening it just to look at it.
My cupboard before

My Shelves before

It's pretty bad huh? I know it has been bugging us for a while.

Look there is even room for more!!!

The shelves feel breathable to me finally. (Yes I know that is a lot of hot chocolate, it was on sale awhile ago for $.50 and it was the beginning of my pregnancy it was one of the only things that calmed my tummy and heartburn.)

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