Monday, January 13, 2014

TV Remote Crate

 We seem to always have a problem of where to put our remotes.  Kind of out of frustration of them not having a place I used a crate that we had laying around from buying some oranges and put them in there then it sat like this for a few months.  My husband and I both liked having the crate but I needed it to be a bit nicer looking and without glue on the sides.

 So first things first I used a flat head screwdriver and peeled the glue off of both sides of the crate.  I did manage to put quite a few dents in the sides and scraped some skin off of my fingers but it came off.  I'm sure there was a much easier way to do that but that is what I went it.

 Then I sanded the sides down a little bit to make it look not so beat up.

 I didn't want it a dark brown nor did I want to sit around and stain it, what I ended up doing was mixing some white paint into the brown I had then painted it on both sides.

 Next was stenciling the word remotes on each side.

 It feels so much better to me when I walk by this now (which is a million times a day)

More the Merrier Monday

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