Friday, December 30, 2011

Soft Playing Blocks

I made these blocks for my son to build towers and knock them back down.  I used fabric that I had found in the remnant pile and went to town.

I wanted 4''x4'' size blocks or really close to it, so I cut out two 4''x4'' blocks and then a strip that was 4''x16''.

 I then took one square and the stripe of fabric and with the right sides together sewed them together going around the square.

I repeated the same thing with the other square and the other side of the stripe of fabric.

So it will look like this.

I sewed the ends together leaving a whole so I could turn the fabric outside out.

This is what it looked like after I turned it.

I stuffed the block as full as I could.

Then sewed it shut.  I made 6 of them and it took me about a hour to do all of them.

For the Kids Friday

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  1. Since our dog ripped apart our soft blocks, I may have to try this and make some new ones!


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