Thursday, August 4, 2011

Watch Box

My husband has mentioned a few times that he doesn't have a nice place to put his watches without being afraid of them getting scratched.  I saw this shoe box that we were going to throw out and the wheels began to start turning.

I started out painting the outside of the box.

I didn't care about how the bottom of the box looked like but did a coat of paint anyways.

 Next I cut strips of cardboard and made them fit so they could divide the box into fourths.  I then pulled them back out.

Using scrap fabric that I cut into four squares, I took 4 cotton balls and made them into a big ball and then hot glued the fabric over the cotton balls.  I repeated in all four corners.

Then I hot glued the cardboard back into place.  After I put the cardboard in I realized that I need to cover the sides of the box in fabric as well. So I did some more cutting and hot gluing.

Here it is done.  It's not super pretty but its still a nice place for his watches to go and not get scratched.


Somewhat Simple




  1. Good job... necessity is the mother of invention.

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