Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My August Cleaning Goal

I thought that I would share part of the August Cleaning Goal that I did this morning.  We only have one set of stairs/hallway but it's probably the most used part of the house.  With that said its also the part that doesn't get cleaned the most often either. 

Its kind of hard to see all the food, dust, feathers and other random things that have showed up on the stairs but trust me it was there! :)
I went through 3 clorax wipes to clean the walls and get the food, and mud off of the walls.  I also had some pencil markings to get off of the walls.  Some of them came off better than other's with a white eraser but I just wanted to get the worse of it off.  I will take the rest off when we move with a magic eraser.  

Then here is the top of the stairs I didn't realized how bad it was until I started cleaning it :)

Here is part of the goal for this month.  Good luck with doing it!!

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