Monday, July 11, 2011


Part 2 of our trip!!!  We spent a couple of days in Williamsburg, we weren't even close to touching everything that you can do there.

They have a street drama that they do daily that is about how the Boston Tea Party affected them and they became involved with what was going on during that time.

You can actually rent rooms in some of the buildings for you visit.  I didn't know this until after we had already left that would be cool to stay in one of the homes in the town.

They have a really cool museum that you can look through.  My daughter loved the small carousel in the middle of one of the rooms.

They called this the public hospital but it was where they sent the people they thought were crazy.

Looking down the main street!!

Another view

Be careful you never know when you will get called into the militia to defend yourselves!!
We had a blast, it was a little warm but it was still a great experience.  We have already book a hotel to go back at Christmas time and see what they do (they decorate in the time period) and explore the town some more.

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