Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shelves Before and After

So when we moved here I had never seen the place until I walked in the door.  I was greeted with the kitchen and the "dining room"  then I saw this:

It was empty of course, but the thought process went like this:  "Great, something to accumulate junk on."  and "What the heck am I suppose to put here?"  As you can tell from the picture it does have junk on it and it doesn't matter how many times it gets cleaned out almost immediately stuff gets put back on it.   I finally got sick of it and took everything down and cleaned it. I figured if I fill the lower shelves where we can reach so we can't really move stuff maybe it will lessen the amount of clutter that shows up so far it has worked!!  We will see for how long here is after:

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  1. VERY cute!! You did a good job putting fun stuff in there! Good luck keeping it from getting filled with junk!


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