Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spider craft

My kids LOVED making these and we have had them hanging from the ceiling of the toy room all fall.  I cut up an egg carton then I poked holes in each of the sides with a really sharp pencil (I didn't want huge holes).  I also threaded some string through the top of the "spider body" so we could hang them later.  I pulled out the pipe cleaners and let the kids have fun.  My two year old did great with it, he could stick the pipe cleaner through one side easily but needed a little help to get it through the second hole but he could then pull it the rest of the way through.  After they had legs I gave them a marker and they drew eyes on the spiders.

My son showing off one of his he made.

One of my daughter's spiders she thought it was fun to have their legs going all crazy.

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