Friday, June 21, 2013

Monkey Jammies

My son loves monkey's.  I found this fabric at the store and thought it would be tons of fun for him.  For the shirt I just took a plain white t-shirt and cut out the monkey's and some bananas then sewed them onto the shirt.  The pants took a little bit more work but it was simple to do.

I took a pair of jammie pants that fits him now and used that as my guide.  I folded the pants in half and using the folded side I cut the fabric about an inch bigger then the actual pant leg to account for seam allowances.  At the waist line you want to cut the fabric about 3 inches bigger.  I didn't do that and later realized that I should have.  Then using the piece that I just cut out as a guide, I cut a second piece on the fold.

With the right sides together on one piece, I sewed along the longest part of the until it changed directions.  I repeated it with the second piece.  I'm sorry I forgot to take pictures of the next steps.

I turned one of the pieces right side out then stuck that piece inside of the other piece matching the seams together.  That creates a U shape and I sewed the U together.  I did a reinforcement stitch on that seam.  Now your two pant legs are sewn together,  then I finished off the hem on the legs, and put the elastic in at the waist.

Then they are done!!!

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