Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Hair Clips

I had some ribbon that I needed to use so I thought why not make some Thanksgiving themed hair clips for my daughter.  I made them at night and left them sitting out for her to find in the morning.  She found them all right and came up and asked me if they were for her.  When I said yes she came up to me and gave me a huge hug and wore them all day.

Here is what I did:

First I hot glued a little piece of fabric around the top part of the clip.

Then I cut an 8inch length of each of the ribbons that I wanted to use and fray checked the ends.  While the ends were drying I got out a needle and black thread.

Then make a pile of the ribbon and fold it in half, using the needle poke it through what would be the exact middle.  BUT DON'T push the needle all the way through, right where it is sitting in the picture is perfect.

Now spread out your ribbon to make a circle.

Start with the bottom most piece of ribbon and fold the end over and put on the needle.  It is hard to see the needle in the picture but it is right at the end of my thumb.  Continue folding over all the way around.

When all the ribbon is folded over and put on the needle adjust the ribbon to have the spacing that you would like then pull the needle all the way through and thread back and forth a couple of times so the ribbon won't change the spacing and tie off.

I then hot glued where my knot was to the hair clip.
Then I made some turkey's out of felt and hot glued those to the middle of the bow of ribbon.

They are kind of fun, and my daughter loved them.  If you want to make smaller ones do 6inches lengths of ribbon but I wouldn't go any smaller than 5inches because then it makes it harder to make them.

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  1. These are sooo cute! What a neat idea!

  2. Yup I added these to my "to do list" for sure!!! So adorable!
    Would you mind sharing these with my readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  3. These are cute! I have always wondered how to make the circular shape with ribbons. My daughter loves hair bows and I'm going to try these. I would love it if you shared this at my Fabulous Friday link party.

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