Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Flag Pillows

Look at what I made last week.  I ended up with three of them.  They were tons of fun to make.

First I decided how big I wanted the pillows to be and cut a front and a back for each pillow.  I don't have measurements I eye-balled it this time around.

I then drew out the flag.  I did use a ruler for it, I made the flag 9in x 9in. 

Next I painted them in.  I even painted the white stripes even though the fabric was white when I was done I was glad I did.

After they were painted.  At this time I cut out pieces of burlap,  I purposely made the burlap bigger than the fabric because I wanted to make sure the burlap would stayed sewed in.

I then put the burlap piece over the painted piece and sewed around the flag and each of the stripes.

This picture shows better what I did.

I then cut out the burlap between each of the lines of thread, allowing the paint to show through.

From there I added the back piece over the flag and sewed around the edges allowing a gap on one side so I could turn it outside out and add batting.  I ran out of batting after stuffing one and half of the pillows, I then used some of the extra grocery sacks that we had since they are decor pillows not ones intended for use.  After sewing up the hole I put them in their spots on the couch and chair.


  1. Great job, love the pillows.

  2. Very cute, if I could sew, I would do this :)


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