Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dollar Store Flower Baskets

Before  I start sharing this project, remember to do this month's cleaning goal, I'm halfway through getting it done.

We went grocery shopping the other day and there were flowers on manager special so I grabbed a couple bouquets for the kitchen table.  The next morning my daughter asked why I bought them.  I asked her how she feels when she sees the flowers and she said that they make her happy and feel good.  I told her that's why I bought them, they do the same thing for me.  She then mentioned that she wanted some in her room.  Later we were at the dollar store and I saw these flowers and knew I needed to put them in her room.  This project was less than $4.

What I used.

After looking at them I decided they needed something more so I glued some ribbon around the top edge of the baskets.

The Final Project

Iron Violet Designs

Craft Goodies


  1. Just darling -- gotta love that Dollar Store!

  2. Great site!

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