Monday, September 24, 2012

Bed Skirt (no sewing)

I have been working on decorating my girls' room.  I showed you the quilt for one of my daughter's last week.  I then made a bed skirt to complete the bed.  I made a tutu bed skirt.  It was really easy, a little time consuming (put on whatever TV show you need to catch up on) and cost less then $10.

First I cut two strands of yarn the length of the bed, then I cut 6 yards of tulle into 2-3 inch thick strips and then cut again in half length wise.  Then I just started tying on the tulle onto the yarn.

With how the bed is built I hammered in nails in different parts of the bed and wrapped the yarn around each nail for the length of the bed.

All it needed was a little fluffing and it was ready to go.

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