Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Toy Room Closet Before and After

So this closet kind of became the one that we threw stuff into and shut the door then walked away from, when we moved in.  It was driving my kind of bonkers at how bad it was in there so finally I tackled it the other day during naptime.  Here is my before (above and below).

So first things first I emptied the whole closet out top to bottom.

I dragged a set of shelves that we had up from downstairs on there I put the games, and videos that were in the boxes.  I took the sweatshirts out of the pile of coats then hung the coats back up.  I am no able to walk into the closet and I was also able to put the vacuum in there as well.

Here is a fuller top to bottom view.

Again here it is Before:


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