Monday, June 25, 2012

Tennis Ball Leg Chair Covers

We moved last Monday and spent the rest of the week getting settled.  When we were cleaning up our old place we noticed that there were some spots on the floor that were scratched a little bit from the chairs.  Also one of my son's favorite things to do is push the chairs around and its really loud so we were looking for a way that would take care of both things.  I remembered seeing at a friend's house when I was younger that they had tennis balls on the legs of all of their chairs.

So we went to the store and bought enough tennis balls for the chairs.  Then I came home and went right to work.

I used scissors.  I opened them and then used the more pointy blade and pierced it into the ball.  (The first ball I did I was a little unsure how hard to push then it became easier.)  From there I cut a cross shape.

Then I pushed each ball onto each of the legs on the chairs.

It is so quiet sitting down at the table now.  We are loving it.

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